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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Jena 2.6.4 sources
Date Sat, 08 Oct 2011 10:01:08 GMT

On 07/10/11 22:22, Paolo Castagna wrote:
> On 7 October 2011 22:03, Ian Dickinson<>  wrote:
>> Hi Paolo,
>> On 07/10/11 21:45, Paolo Castagna wrote:
>>> Ian Dickinson wrote:
>>>> It was pointed out to me off-list that on SourceForge
>>>> doesn't include the Jena source (only src-examples). Is there a reason?
>>> Ian,
>>> have you checked yourself?
>> Yes.
>>> The sources are in a .jar file in the ./lib-src directory.
>> Well, I didn't notice them there. I did what was (to me) the obvious thing:
>> 'find . -name \*.java'.
>>> If a developer wants to work with Jena it's much better to do a checkout:
>>> svn co
>>> jena
>> This was someone trying to follow my tutorial on using Jena with Eclipse,
>> and getting stuck on the stage that says "now attach the sources to the
>> library"
>>> If someone wants the sources to inspect/browse them via their IDE a .jar
>>> file as the one in ./lib-src directory would do.
>> I'll have to update my tutorial.
> It might change again! ;-)
> Wouldn't be easier to provide a JenaHelloWorld example for people to
> checkout/download.
> Then the tutorial becomes:
> svn co
> jena-example
> or download from somewhere
> Eclipse>  Import>  Existing Project into Worskspace
> I find tutorials with a lot of screen shots annoying if they have too
> many screen shots. (And they are expensive to maintain for the editor)
> If there is a short-cut, I prefer that than a long sequence of press
> button here and there.
> Also, it's difficult to draw a line between Eclipse and Jena... is it
> a tutorial on Jena or on how to use Eclipse? ;-)
> But, it's you writing the tutorial, so your call.

This applies to the other systems - the ones where I wrote the assembly 
have the sources as jar at the top level including the test sources code.

I'm not sure that is a good thing - if we're shipping the sources, we 
might as well ship them unpacked.

The test sources code is more confusing than helpful.

1/ At least make them more obvious
    Is placing at the top level enough?

2/ Pros and cons of shipping the unpacked tree instead.

I see the download zip as for standalone use with minimal hassle.  Not 
everyone is a fully-skilled developer with familiarity of all the tools.


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