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From Dave Reynolds <>
Subject Checking copyright release process
Date Sun, 16 Oct 2011 18:04:42 GMT
I've been cleaning up some of the small copyright issues in the rules
area of Jena core [*].

For one of them I've checked with the original contributor (Thorsten
Möller) who is happy to sign and register an ICLA and resubmit the

To record the patch itself I'm suggesting he open a Jira and attach the
original (circa 2009) patch to that, just so we have a record. Is that
OK?  No need to try to back out and generate a new pseudo-patch.

[*] Once Thorsten's ICLA is on file then all the items in [1] with my
name against are sorted:

> 2 == Rules (from Dave)
> o A small group of changes to the rule builtins to support datetime
> comparisons. Maybe 20 lines in total. From Bradley Schatz.

Rewritten, now clean.

> o Small tweak to TypeMapper from Thorsten Möller 8/5/09, about ~10
> lines.

See above.

> o A small fix to XSDDateTime from Greg Shueler. A couple of lines,
> manually edited based on Greg's suggestion.
> o A fix to Rule parsing suggested by Steve Cranefield, a couple of
> lines, rewritten rather than applied directly.

Confirmed that both of these were written by me (based on mail list
suggestions), and so clean.

> 3 == Thorsten Möller A second one from Thorsten:
> src/main/java/com/hp/hpl/jena/util/

This will also be covered by Thorsten's ICLA and he's happy to resumit
this one in the same way for tracking purposes.



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