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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: Status of an Apache build for ARQ
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2011 15:16:02 GMT
Andy Seaborne wrote:
> On 27/09/11 20:36, Benson Margulies wrote:
>> I'm more or less available to be helpful here, but I don't always
>> catch these threads as they go by. Care to resend me a problem
>> description.
> One question:
> I'm doing, in ARQ,
> mvn -f pom2.xml clean install -Papache-release
> I get
> It looks like a copy of the entire development area (Eclipse class files 
> and all).  It gets built only with -Papache-release so, I guess, it's 
> for some purpose I haven't bumped into yet.
> What are we supposed to do with the file?  Register it somewhere? It's 
> big and doesn't seem to help end users much.

"Every ASF release must contain a source package, which must be sufficient for a 
user to build and test the release provided they have access to the appropriate 
platform and tools. [...]

Note that the PMC is responsible for all artifacts in their distribution 
directory, which is a subdirectory of ; and all artifacts 
placed in their directory must be signed by a committer, preferably by a PMC 
member. It is also necessary for the PMC to ensure that the source package is 
sufficient to build any binary artifacts associated with the release."

We should have a /jena directory here:
(I am not sure how we can create the directory and how we can put stuff there)

> We already produce jena-arq-2.8.9-incubating-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar.

This has a different purpose: it's for people using Maven together with their
IDE and want to browse/inspect sources of their dependency. It's not necessary
to be able to build binary packages from that file.


>     Andy

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