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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Status of an Apache build for ARQ
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2011 18:32:56 GMT
Scaling back the ambitiousness ...

I'm trying for an Apache build (and release) for ARQ.  It depends on the 
last released Jena so it's the simplest thing I could think of working on.

It's in ARQ in pom2.xml.

== Licensing

Olaf's (re)contribution means I'm down to one other contribution I need 
to sort out.  Everything else has been replaced, rewritten or removed.

The outstanding one is in the JSON result format.  This is complicated 
by the fact that itself is based on the XML results code (which is 
HP-original), and I've significant parts of the JSON code since the 
original contribution when I switched over from org.json to our own JSON 

Ideally, I'd like the original contribution put on Apache terms. 
Otherwise, I'll dig back through the SVN logs and find out how much,or 
how little, of the original contribution is still there and rewrite.

== Build

There is now a "JenaTop" artifact that is a parent POM for all things 
Jena.  It itself brings in the Apache parent POM.

It contains all the version numbers, of dependencies and of each module. 
  (See below)

== Naming

Looking around, systems seem to have "apache-" in the distribution name 
but not in the artifact name.

Version number: 2.8.9-incubating-SNAPSHOT




The name is of the form:

so we get ...

== Mysteries

1/ I haven't managed to control getting DEPENDENCIES/NOTICE/LICENSE into 
the jar file. They are autogenerated by Apache parent POM (which is 
nice) but I was hoping to use them in the distribution as well and I'd 
like to make them readable (fix 'an unknown organization' for example).

2/ How do fix mistakes in the snapshot repository?  Can I delete folder 
from the snapshot repository?  I can put things in but I'm bound to get 
some naming wrong sometime so knowing how to clearup would be good.

3/ maven3 does not like artifact versions being variables 9gives a 
warning, may remove the feature), but I wanted to put all the numbering 
in one place (DRY!).  Is there some idiom to have the numbers in one 
place only?

4/ As 3 but for parent POM versions.


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