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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Build failed in Jenkins: Jena_LARQ #194
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2011 14:39:47 GMT
On 23/09/11 15:16, Paolo Castagna wrote:
> This is a good example of continuous integration in action.
> I want to briefly comment on this, since it's in topic with my previous
> suggestion to remove jar files from the lib and lib-src directories.

Building SDB from the POM file use dependencies.

Jenkins builds via maven so it's picking up changes anyway. Why does the 
JAR files make any difference?

The jars are for Eclipse and which ever way round you do it, there is 
separate step for Eclipse.  Its just a question of who has to do it - 
the person making the changes (who is likely to understand the process) 
or all the people who only download from SVN and look at the code in 
Eclipse and now MUST have maven.

 > I saw this message. The cause is that a method has been removed from
> the Binding interface (see: JENA-121):
> That change is perfectly fine and I was aware of that change because
> I saw the notifications. When LARQ failed, without nobody working on
> it, it's was obvious the reason was that change.
> A quick and easy fix. Done.
> No communication needed between me and who is doing the change on JENA-121.
> ARQ (development) and LARQ (development) are back in sync.

I didn't break LARQ - I took the time and uploaded a patch for LARQ 

> We could have delayed or postponed this to a later point in time.
> What's the difference? We lose the context.
> Someone can make a change to a module and not even realize his change
> will break things somewhere else. This is why CI systems such as Jenkins
> are really helpful and useful.

Is anyone saying they are not?

> For this particular change, which is trivial, losing context is not that
> important. For other situations I think it's much better spotting problems
> earlier than later (for example when you need to upgrade dependencies, etc.)
> My 2 cents,
> Paolo


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