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From Simon Helsen <>
Subject Re: Jena and Java version : drop Java 1.5?
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 12:59:01 GMT

in theory we could do this, but it would require us to patch which is 
always painful because we need to get each change we make approved by our 
open source people. Moreover, in the case of TDB Tx, it is a bit more 
tricky because of the use of Java 6 library functions

Having said this, I am hopeful it won't be an issue. I know that our 
default packaged delivery will ship with Java 6, but there is currently no 
closure on whether we have to stay Java 5 compatible for older web 
containers. I am hoping that this restriction will be lifted. Obviously, 
considerations like this will be taken into account, but as always, the 
customer is king and if we have too many of those on WAS 6.x (which I 
doubt), product management may decide to stick to it. 


Paolo Castagna <>
08/04/2011 08:30 AM
Re: Jena and Java version : drop Java 1.5?

Hi Simon,
as an alternative to the retroweaver option suggested by Benson,
couldn't you compile and repackage TDB yourself using Java 5?

I've just tried myself and once you fix a few @Overwrite annotations
everything else seems fine to (unless, I made terrible mistakes in
configuring Eclipse to use|emulate Java 5. Possible).
Having someone else try and confirm this would be useful.

Of course, if correct, this is the current status (it might change
in such a way that this becomes not an easy option).


Simon Helsen wrote:
> Andy,
> a quick summary of our situation. Our current release (June 2011) 
> supports Java 5 and it is still in the air if we will require Java 6 for 

> our next release. Our problem is mostly customers still using WAS 6.x 
> which is based on Java 5. I cannot give a firmer answer at this point. 
> At worst, we won't upgrade our TDB version :-)
> Simon
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> From:                  Andy Seaborne <>
> To:  
> Date:                  08/03/2011 06:44 AM
> Subject:               Jena and Java version : drop Java 1.5?
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> Java7 is out. [*] [+]
> We have in the past had a policy of supporting "two major Java
> versions".  I think all the released modules are Java 1.5 except Fuseki
> (which isn't yet a library anyway) and TxTDB is Java6, for the more
> complete library and better conncurrency implementation.
> I propose we set the supported Java version to Java6.
> This means resetting the POMs and Eclipse project settings; class file
> versions will change.
> To users:
> Are there any problems created by dropping formal support for Java5?
> (which is past it's Sun/Oracle end of life anyway).  It's not that there
> will be sudden large changes in the codebase. I think IBM still provide
> Java5 support for their Java for a while yet but is that
> legacy-systems-only?
>                 Andy
> [*] and there is some debate:
> [+] I have not tried it, nor tried the optimizations in question on 

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