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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: TxTDB and JENA-91, JENA-96 and JENA-97
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2011 15:10:11 GMT

Simon Helsen wrote:
> Note also that our 
> framework and test cases run glitch-free in a commercial product on TDB 
> 0.8.7 and I did not observe any issues when I integrated the latest SDB 
> (even using transactions). In other words, from my point of view, the 
> current TDB-TX has a problem and we just have to find out what makes it 
> happen. One more note: it is always possible that I am doing something 
> wrong in how I integrated TDB-TX, so I am not saying that JENA-91, JENA-86 
> and JENA-97 are definitely TDB-TX bugs, but for now, I have no other 
> choice than to think that they are

Simon, one interesting experiment to do, if you can, would be to take your
glitch-free test framework using TDB 0.8.7 and simply point to the latest
TxTDB SNAPSHOT [1] without changing any code to use transactions.

It's not clear to me if you have done so already and you had problems.
Have you?

This could be another important clue (and it would mean that the bug is in
the necessary changes in the internal TDB structures to support transactions
but not necessarily in the new code.



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