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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Finalizing Jena core copyrights
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2011 17:29:58 GMT
These are the outstanding copyright issues on Jena core that I know 
about: they are all BSD currently so I believe we can always credit as- 
is because it's category A.

1 == Plugged In Software

This looks to be the most complicated one.


--> Plugged In Software no longer exists.  It's IP may have gone to 
Tucana and on to Northrop Grumman.

2 == Rules (from Dave)

o A small group of changes to the rule builtins to support datetime 
comparisons. Maybe 20 lines in total. From Bradley Schatz.

o Small tweak to TypeMapper from Thorsten Möller 8/5/09, about ~10 lines.

o A small fix to XSDDateTime from Greg Shueler. A couple of lines, 
manually edited based on Greg's suggestion.

o A fix to Rule parsing suggested by Steve Cranefield, a couple of 
lines, rewritten rather than applied directly.

So only two directly made it into the code and they were small.

--> We need software grants from Bradley Schatz and Thorsten Möller

Dave - is that right?

3 == Thorsten Möller
A second one from Thorsten:

4 == TestBugReports

Various reports here - is the code supplied by the reporter or written 
by us? (Stylewise, I'd say "us" = Ian).  If it's by us then nothing to do.

Ian - is that right?

5 == TopQuadrant

This actually all one thing:


This one is best handled by asking for a software grant.

6 == Anything else

Is there anything else under svn:jena/Jena2/ we need to dela with?


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