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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Updating the web site
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2011 11:54:40 GMT
Hi Ian,

On 20/07/11 10:08, Ian Dickinson wrote:
> The staging version of the project web site is here:

Is there anything that still needs doing before it does from staging to 
real? e.g. Do you want the process tested?

A non-blocker I noticed: the band of tabs across the top does not look 
nice in a narrow browser window.  And for me "narrow" is a normal one 
with the bookmarks sidebar open.

Maybe reduce the number of items with just the main jump points people 
might want while wandering the site

Downloads is in the sidebar, as is support.

"Getting involved" isn't to me a major jump point while navigating. 
Under "About Jena" would work better (to me at least).

Home/download/documentation would be the core set.  Home coudl be click 
on the logo.


> To update this, you need to commit changes to the site svn:
> The "easy" way to do so is to use the edit facilities of the Apache CMS,
> which are a bit basic but do work. Since each session is authenticated
> to an ASF committer, I can't give the direct link. You have to go via
> the index page:
> and click through jena/Get jena working copy.
> The alternative is to check out the entire svn trunk locally, edit, then
> commit the changes back. The buildbot notices the commit and does the
> actual publishing to the staging server. There's a separate URL to
> publish from staging to production (available from the CMS link, above)
> For reference, the CMS manual, such as it is, is here:
> There are instructions on that page for installing the CMS tools
> locally, so that if you're editing a local copy of the entire svn tree,
> you can see what you've done before it gets committed back to svn.
> It's entirely possible that the CMS front end and the
> edit-the-entire-svn-trunk methods will play nice together. Otoh, the CMS
> was written fron scratch in about two weeks. Keep checking that you are
> at the svn head!
> Ian

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