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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Code import
Date Fri, 13 May 2011 09:46:10 GMT
So, I asked around on IRC. It seems the precise procedure for doing
these imports isn't very documented, but here's what I gather.

Infrastructure do not import CVS. The simple suggestion is to tar up
the relevant parts of the CVS repository and add a tarball of that
into SVN. If you want more than that, grab an rsync of sourceforge CVS
[1], use cvs2svn to make a svn repo, then create a svnadmin dump file
from that [2].

To import SVN, provide infrastructure with a svnadmin dump file. Grab
your SVN repo from sourceforge, and run svnadmin dump on the bits that
you want imported. Gzip up the dump file and scp it to your local SSH
user account on [3]. Update the jira ticket with the
location of the dump file (along with where it should be imported).

Infra cannot process the jira ticket (INFRA-3628) without the dump
files. So a bit of work is required for someone that's an admin of the
sourceforge project!



[3] I'm simply assuming this is a reasonable place. Anywhere
web-accessible would be fine I guess.

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