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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Next steps
Date Fri, 06 May 2011 17:25:17 GMT
We have a gap while code is moved and before we have a Apache-compliant 
release process but I think it's a good idea to minimise the time when 
we don't have a releasable system.

1/ Import

Copy Jena-CVS, Jena-SVN, Joseki-CVS into Apache SVN as


Hopefully with history, but otherwise, tarballs including history.  We 
must have a public record of the imported code.

infra has to do the import.

2/ Working set

Pull out modules from the import (leaves the import as an unchanging 
public record).

... ARQ, SDB, TDB, Fuseki, Joseki, Eyeball

3/ Build

Start to make the build Apache-compatible.
Use the current independent set of builds.

==> Jena 2.7

4/ Restructure

Reorganise into a integrated build system.
   code projects, dependency linked.
   multiple build artifacts (distribution, ogsi, one-jar, war, ....)

5/ Technical changes

==> Jena 3


My advocacy would be to also simply and reduce the system.


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