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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: ApacheCon NA 2011
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2011 14:31:33 GMT
Paolo Castagna wrote:
> Hi Ross.
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> On 26/04/2011 12:27, Paolo Castagna wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> ApacheCon NA 2011 call for participation ends
>>> Friday, 29 April 2011 at midnight Pacific Time.
>>> Is someone planning to go and/or submit a proposal?
>> I will be there, I was not planning on doing anything for Jena 
>> specifically. Of course, I will be talking to people about the project 
>> as often as appropriate.
> I will be there (at 99.99%).
> I am going to submit a 45 minutes talk for Jena
> I wrote a quick draft/abstract today, I'll refine/review it tomorrow.

This is the draft (any feedback is welcome).

Proposal Title:

Apache Jena: parsing, storing, querying and processing RDF data (?)
Fiddling with RDF data using Apache Jena (?)
Playing with RDF data using Apache Jena (?)


Apache Jena, currently in incubation, is a Java framework for building
semantic web applications. It provides developers with a library to
handle RDF, RDFS, RDFa, OWL and SPARQL in line with the relevant W3C

Jena has been developed by researchers at HP Labs, Bristol (UK)
starting back in 2000. It has been an open source project since its
beginning and it is extensively used within the semantic web

This talk introduces the fundamentals of RDF data model and SPARQL
query language as well as the basic usage patterns of Jena: how to
parse and write data in RDF format, how to store it using TDB,
querying with SPARQL using ARQ and how to integrate free text searches
with SPARQL using Apache Lucene or Solr.

At Talis we use Apache Jena, in particular TDB, ARQ, LARQ and Apache
Hadoop in our ingestion pipeline, as well as many other open source
projects, to process RDF data, store it, implement our services and

Apache Projects or Key Technologies:

Apache Jena (in particular: TDB, ARQ, LARQ and Fuseki), Apache Lucene,
Apache Solr, Apache Hadoop

Session Type:

  [ ] ½ day Training
  [ ] Full-day Training
  [ ] 2-day Training
  [x] 45-minute Session
  [ ] 90-minute Session
  [ ] Panel* (complete “Additional Information” as detailed below)
  [x] MeetUp (takes place outside general conference program/hours)

Topic Classification:

  [x] Technical
  [ ] Community
  [ ] Business
  [ ] General Audience

Suggested Audience:

  [x] Developer/Programmer
  [ ] Enterprise User
  [ ] Entrepreneur/Investor
  [ ] Systems administrator
  [ ] IT Manager/CxO

Suggested Focus Area:

  [x] Enterprise Solutions
  [ ] Cloud Computing
  [x] Emerging Technologies + Innovation
  [ ] Community Leadership
  [x] Data Handling + Analytics
  [ ] Pervasive Computing
  [ ] Servers, Infrastructure + Tools

Audience Level:

  [ ] Beginner
  [x] Intermediate
  [ ] Expert


>> I really hope we have the SGA from HP on file before then. 
> Me too! :-)
>> It will be embarrassing to have generated interest in this project 
>> entering the incubator at ApacheCon last year and still not have the 
>> paperwork in place this year!
> Indeed.
> Thanks,
> Paolo
> PS:
> Have you already booked the flight?
> BA from Heathrow (direct) seems one of the best alternatives.
>> Ross

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