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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: project wiki
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2011 14:38:05 GMT

The MoinMoin wiki is very spam-prone. You should have access to the
confluence space, if not, open an INFRA JIRA and see what sarcastic
remark comes back.

For the web site proper, there is an option related to Confluence that
I can't recall if I've mentioned. Dan Kulp of CXF has created a
replacement export mechanism that avoids the dreaded 'export plugin.'
We believe that this offers an option to conform to infra@'s desires
without using their new CMS. It's not clear to me that all the
possible flying objects on that subject have flown. I can ask Dan.


On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 10:29 AM, Andy Seaborne
<> wrote:
> Paolo and I are about to embark on a joint project.  It's sufficiently
> complicated, we are going to start with a written design document and a wiki
> would be a good place for this.
> Apache Jena has a Confluence wiki.
> 1/ I have a Confluence id but how do I get write access to the wiki?
> I seem to have "add page" access to quite a lot of wikis but Jena isn't one
> of them!
> 2/ MoinMoin?
> Now as have decided to use CMS for the wbesite, and as a final check, do we
> want to use Confluence? (if it's not too much of a pain to change - and esp
> before we start to use it for content).
> Sampling the incubator projects project pages I don't see any MoinMoin wiki
> mentioned (many don't mention a wiki at all).
> The alternative is MoinMoin.  Do we already have a MoinMoin wiki somewhere?
> Or is there one MoinMoin incunator wiki at
> and there is a bit pf careful page naming? Libcloud seem to have some pages
> on the MoinMoin wiki but there aren't a obvious set of project, not
> incubator admin, pages in the recent changes.
>        Andy

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