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From Gavin Carothers <>
Subject Re: Jena test suite ; TestOntDocumentManager.testReadFailHandler1
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2011 01:40:42 GMT
On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 4:21 PM, Ian Dickinson <> wrote:
> On 08/03/11 20:04, Andy Seaborne wrote:
>> Running the test suite, JUnit is in
>> testReadFailHandler1
>> (com.hp.hpl.jena.ontology.impl.TestOntDocumentManager)
>> for 60-120s then gives a test failure usually (I've seen it once give a
>> test success as well).
>> What's happening?
> The test reads from <>, as an example of a URI
> that "obviously" doesn't resolve. Hence, a test of the read fail handler.
> Only, now, it does resolve. Specifically, it gets redirected to
> <>
> Rats.
> My inclination is to permanently disable the test, since (a) the read fail
> handler has been touched for ages and problably won't be, and (b) I'm not
> sure I can come up with a domain that "obviously" provokes the read failure.
> I don't think I can mock the behaviour since the read happens a long way off
> from the code that's being tested

Can also just be changed to use .invalid per

      ".invalid" is intended for use in online construction of domain
      names that are sure to be invalid and which it is obvious at a
      glance are invalid.

For example: <http://example.invalid/not/exist>


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