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From Damian Steer <>
Subject Re: Lucene/Solr and Jena
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2011 14:24:17 GMT
Apologies, I guess attachments get stripped. Textified doc below.



SolrStore Project

Independent Study

Team Members:  	Frank Tanz, 
Bharti Gupta
Bala Krishna Chitneni

Project Charter

Project Title: SolrStore
Date: February 1, 2011

Project Start Date: February 1, 2011		Projected Finish Date: April 30, 2011

Project Manager: Frank Tanz			E-mail:

Project Justification: 
Currently, the Jena API provides persistent storage of RDF data using relational database
models such as MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.  These relational databases are convenient
for storage but suboptimal for the storage and access model present in the Semantic Web. 

Project Objective: 
The focus of this project is to extend the Jena API with the ability to persist graphs/models
using a non-Relational Database Model. 

We intend to use and leverage the Lucene/Solr engine which was created by Doug Cutting of
Google. This will allow us to step beyond the non-polynomial algorithms which combine search
and semantic access.  We also intend to use and leverage Cloud Computing as it provides a
targeted opportunity for large scale storage and access in a fault tolerant a load balanced

Project Scope (Characteristics and Requirements):
Project team members will join the Open Jena project team as contributors.
Configuration management will be handled utilizing the implementation of Subversion within
All software material for the project will be managed and stored within the project’s repository
The ability to persist Semantic Web content in the cloud.
The ability to retrieve Semantic Web content from the cloud.
The ability to provide fault tolerance and failover within the cloud for Semantic Web content.

Project Deliverables:
High level abstract design.
Detail design demonstrating how the Jena API will hook into both Solr and Lucene models.
Source code and objects for the Open Jena SolrStore implementation.
Individual Final Report prepared by Frank Tanz
Individual Final Report prepared by Bharti Gupta
Individual Final Report prepared by Bala Krishna Chitneni

Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities:

Name	Role	Responsibilities
Frank Tanz	Project Manager/Developer/Lead Jena Expert	Design, Development, Project Management,
and Testing
Bharti Gupta	Developer/Lead Lucene Expert	Design, Development, Documentation, and Testing
Bala Krishna Chitneni	Develper/Lead Solr Expert	Design, Development, Documentation, and Testing
Scott Streit	Project Advisor	Project Requirements, Project Guidance, Project Signoff
Vijay Geholt	Project Co-Advisor	Project Requirements, Project Guidance, Project Signoff

Project Schedule:

Milestone	Start Date	Target Due Date
Set up project on SourceForge and assign team access to the project.	2/1/11	2/8/2011
Setup team client development environments.		
Setup team server development environments		
Set up subversion file structure		
Create work breakdown schedule		
Finalize abstract design 		
Finalize detail design		
Achieve Semantic Web persistence – local via Lucene		
Achieve Semantic Web retrieval – local via Lucene		
Achieve Semantic Web persistence – cloud via Solr		
Achieve Semantic Web retrieval – cloud via Solr		
Final Reports – Initial Draft		
Final Reports – Final Version		

Communication Plan:

The team agreed to communicate via email,, as often as needed.
The team agreed to meet each Thursday afternoon face to face at 5:00 PM prior to the start
of evening classes.
 The team agreed to participate in conference calls and Skype as needed.
The team agreed to adhere to all committed dates on the project schedule and the work breakdown
Each Thursday, each team member will provide a progress status report to the Project Manager
and Co-Advisors via email.

Risk Management:

Area of Risk	Severity	Mitigation Plan

Project Success Criteria: 
The project’s Co-Advisors accept the deliverables.
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