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From Ian Dickinson <>
Subject Re: Jena site: navigation prototype
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2011 22:40:29 GMT
Thanks for the feedback Dave.

> Aesthetically (he says, wary of starting a long discussion) it mostly
> works really well. I especially like the side bar and overall page
> layout.
> There's something about the top bar that clashes a little for me - I'd
> be inclined to try having the tabs round both top corners and the blue
> bar with flat top corners.

I tried your suggestion, but the result didn't quite work. However I 
understand what you mean about the bar design. So I've tried a new 
version that loses the gold border altogether (and puts rounds on both 
sides of the tabs). Feedback welcome.

> I see the occasional slight flicker when switching sections, no big
> deal. It would be nice if the sections could start as hidden then get
> revealed by the javascript but can't see a way to do that that is robust
> against no-js.

I've solved (well, worked around) the rendering discrepancy I was 
getting between FF and Chromium. I've also added support for one more 
level of hierarchy inside the top level folders, e.g. 
documentation/whatever/index.html. Consequently, I feel better able to 
integrate the various ideas, including Paolo's detailed suggestions, 
into one consolidated IA. However, it's a bit late now and I'm not 
entirely well, so I'll try to do that sometime tomorrow.


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