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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: Jena documentation - new structure working notes
Date Sat, 19 Feb 2011 14:19:09 GMT
Hi Thorsten

Thorsten Möller wrote:
> Hi Paolo,
> wow, I feel honored by such a detailed reply - my reply will be shorter ... ;-)

I wanted to make my position clear on this (since I care a lot and I
believe the roadmap is one of the small important pieces of the new
Jena website).

> Am 19.02.2011 um 12:56 schrieb Paolo Castagna:
>> You are probably right, if it is counterintuitive and confusing for
>> you it is probably confusing for others.
>> And, you are right, the "Roadmap" I meant is about Jena as software
>> project, not the "Community" or not about how to people can become
>> more active "Getting Involved" with the Jena project.
>> However, I fear "opposition" proposing the "Roadmap" as a top level
>> item in the global navigation, simply because Jena has never had a
>> written down roadmap on the website, people are reluctant to write
>> new content (since we are all busy) and some might not even like to
>> have an explicity roadmap
> My wording was not optimal. I meant to say that a roadmap is of primary interest, not
necessarily placed top-level. If you ever going to have one -- I see the additional effort
and the pros and cons very well -- then place it, for instance,
> About Jena --> Roadmap

Would you find still confusing having: "Getting Involved" » "Roadmap"?

>> About "to be implemented in the future" I see a difference between a
>> roadmap (i.e. near future == next release or so) and a wish list
>> (i.e. longer term future == next year or so).
>> I see a roadmap as something we have already started working on it or
>> we are going to start working on it very soon.
> Yes, there is this difference between a roadmap and a wishlist.


To make the thing absolutely clear I propose to say just that in the
first two/three introductory lines for the roadmap and the wishlist,
since others might have a different interpretation.

This way, we set expectation right from the beginning.

>> Do you think of a good reason why Jena should not have a roadmap?
> No. I see reasons to take the time to maintain one (as it is an indicator of quality
and of a vital project) even if it is just a minimal effort enumeration.


>> What I propose is one roadmap page on the Jena website, short,
>> a few paragraphs to explain what we are doing and why and if there
>> are JIRA issues we should link to those.
> Exactly. Just one additional comment. You might want to group it for Jena, ARQ, TDB,
SDB, Joseki, Fuseki, IRI(?) as they can be considered (independent but related) projects of
their own under the Jena "umbrella".

Since we have no roadmap at the moment, my first step would be to have
one first and then we can look at it and its content and decide, if it
is too much, to re-organizing it into sections/groups.

I prefer to have an incremental approach, one step at the time, let's
start with 1 page and when we have that we can think what's next.

I don't really want to discuss, now, on how to organize content for
a big roadmap since we do not have content ready and it will probably
not big enough to justify a big categorization effort.

Organizing text into sections is easy once you have the text.

Let's see if people agree on having a roadmap (and it's a first step).
Then we can discuss the content of it.

> BTW, where would I find documentation about IRI (if I wanted to use it independently
of any other project)? Will it be represented as a first-class citizen next to ARQ, TDB, and
so on?

An important question to take note and don't forget.

There is some existing content here:


If you ask me, I'll put it below "Documentation", but since it's
not a "primary" component, I would link to it only via contextual
links (i.e. links from the text) not from the local navigation
menus. Unless, we want to promote it as a "key" component which
can be used independently by Jena, then I'll put it in the navigation


> Regards,
> Thorsten

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