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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Query about licensing contributions
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2011 11:42:04 GMT

On 17/02/11 11:52, lists lists wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry to bug the list about this, but I'm just after clarification about
> conventions and rules around licensing in submitted patches. I assume that
> new files should be explicitly ASL 2.0 licensed, but scanning through some
> of the latest additions to the trunk (from JENA-29) I see at least one
> file[1] with the legacy BSD footer.

When code is added to JIRA, or email sent to an Aapche list, there is a 
software grant to Apache.

This gives Apache the right to use it in an Aapche project, licensed 
under ASL.

There should be evidence you have the right to make the contribution. 
If your mixing code from one place with some mods, and contributing it 
(e.g. JENA-44) then the contribution should refers back the original to 
say that's OK and leave an audit trail.

At the moment, Jena is still on SF but we can take ASF code and use that 
(in fact, we have for a long time in the RDF dadatype code had code from 
Jena includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation 

As it is on SF, Jena is mixed copyright and mixed license - one reason 
for moving to Apache.

> Aside from the actual license, what's the preference of committers for
> including it in the source? Again, I see a bit of a mix of approaches in the
> latest patches that I've read (JENA-29 and JENA-45 principally) and just
> want to make sure I'm consistent in any patches I submit.

My preference is a clear and accurate audit trail.

When the code is moved, we will be under the "relicense" framework of 
Apache and the sourcecode will be ASL.  We will contact all the 
contributors (there are about 6 to deal with now) and either get grants 
or rewrite.

> Last but not least, what's the right thing to do in case we take one or two
> files from an external project which is ASL 2.0 licensed and we change the
> code to adapt it to our needs? Do we need to leave the original
> license/copyright headings? Do we change them and point at where the
> original code comes from? (I have this situation with JENA-44).

Please put all the notices in the file.  That way we have the details in 
one place and can sort it out when the massive tidy-up occurs.


> Cheers,
> Sam
> [1]org.openjena.atlas.iterator.IteratorDelayedInitialization

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