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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Jena Website » Download
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2011 10:21:22 GMT
Assuming a first level structure like this:

  +-- About (
  +-- Download ([...]/download/)
  +-- Getting Started ([...]/getting-started/)
  +-- Documentation ([...]/documentation/)
  +-- Getting Involved|Community ([...]/community/)

Assuming that "Download" is one of the first level section.

Existing content:

  - others?

If we want to increase number of downloads or make the life as easy as
possible to people wanting to download Jena or any of its subsystems,
I propose we minimize the number of clicks you need to do to start
downloading a file.

I don't want to count where we are now...

But, I think we can manage to achieve two clicks from the homepage.
One click on "Download" link from the homepage.
One click on the Jena latest stable release or any of the separate subsystems.

The download page should clearly describe how to download Jena latest
stable release and which version that is. I know, it will be a pain to
update the page every time we do a release, but I think we should do it
(and maybe automate it as part of the release process).

There are different "things" a user can download:

  - Jena
  - SDB
  - TDB

  - Joseki
  - Fuseki

  - ARQ (why as a separate download? We should explain this to the user)
  - Others?

One short paragraph to describe what you get with a Jena download.

Explain that if you want to persist your data you need to download
either SDB or TDB and point the reader where to go next to learn
how to install/configure those.

Explain the role of Joseki and Fuseki, what you get, perhaps which
versions of Jena/ARQ/TDB they boundle, where to go next to learn
how to install/configure those.

Maven repositories could (and I think should) be briefly mentioned,
maybe providing a cut & paste dependency ready for Jena. Or, pointing
to a page which shows that to people wanting to use Jena artifacts
in their Maven or Ant+Ivy projects.

The "Download" page should be short (i.e. 1 page if printed), clearly
state version numbers, and (if possible) link directly to the file
to download.

I know that a direct link might be problematic and/or not possible,
since you want to spread traffic among different mirrors... but if
possible the choice of the mirror should be automatic. Can it be?

What do you think?


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