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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: Jena documentation - new structure working notes
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2011 20:25:14 GMT

Ian Dickinson wrote:
> Hi Paolo,
> On 17/02/11 19:06, Paolo Castagna wrote:
>> Do you or someone else have a strong argument against having a section
>> named "Getting Involved" | "Community" as last link in the global
>> navigation?
> I seem to have difficulty making this clear. There is in the proposed 
> structure, and should remain, a section for supporting Jena developers. 
> "Getting involved" is a perfectly fine title, and indeed is the one I 
> used in the mock-up I was working on this afternoon.
> So: quite the opposite of strong objection, I'm strongly in favour. As I 
> have been since the beginning.
> In a nutshell, all I'm objecting to is downplaying the need to make 
> access to the documentation better for regular users, because I still 
> think that's the dominant use case.

All fine, then.

There is a lot of existing content to migrate to the section(s) relative
to the documentation, I continue to call them "Getting Started" and
"Documentation", how many and how are they called in the mock-up?

This is what we saw, so far:

  +-- About
  +-- Learn
  +-- Guides
  +-- In-Depth
  +-- Tools
  +-- News
  +-- Javadoc
  +-- Extras
  +-- Developers

Dave suggestion was:

  +-- About
  +-- Getting started
  +-- Tutorials
  +-- In-Depth|Documentation|Reference
       +-- Tools
       +-- Javadoc
       +-- Extras
  +-- News
  +-- Developers

I proposed:

  +-- About (
  +-- Download ([...]/download/)
  +-- Getting Started ([...]/getting-started/)
  +-- Documentation ([...]/documentation/)
  +-- Getting Involved|Community ([...]/community/)

There is little (if nothing) existing content to migrate to the "Getting
Involved" section. Correct me if I am wrong. This is bad and good at the
same time. It's bad, because there is some work to do. It's good because
we have freedom to chose what to put in there.

I think we are getting there, please, Ian share your final structure
with us.


> Ian

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