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From Ian Dickinson <>
Subject Re: Jena documentation - new structure working notes
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2011 20:01:26 GMT
Hi Paolo,

On 17/02/11 19:06, Paolo Castagna wrote:
> Do you or someone else have a strong argument against having a section
> named "Getting Involved" | "Community" as last link in the global
> navigation?
I seem to have difficulty making this clear. There is in the proposed 
structure, and should remain, a section for supporting Jena developers. 
"Getting involved" is a perfectly fine title, and indeed is the one I 
used in the mock-up I was working on this afternoon.

So: quite the opposite of strong objection, I'm strongly in favour. As I 
have been since the beginning.

In a nutshell, all I'm objecting to is downplaying the need to make 
access to the documentation better for regular users, because I still 
think that's the dominant use case.


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