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From Ian Dickinson <>
Subject Survey of existing Apache CMS-based sites
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2011 00:30:15 GMT
There aren't that many Apache projects which are currently using the new
Apache CMS (there is a list here: I've had a
quick look to see what kinds of approaches they are currently using, as
far as I can tell from skimming docs & svn. Results below.

Using the CMS [1]. Managing complexity by using a navigation template
that uses Javascript to fold & unfold a fixed nav menu structure.

Straightforward and not-complicated CMS site

Although esme is listed on the CMS-sites page, they appear to still be
using the Confluence wiki for their public-facing web presence [3]

As far as I can tell, this site [4] is an export from a previous
Confluence wiki incarnation, modified to use to the CMS structure.
Static navigation structure.

Listed on the CMS-sites page, but I couldn't find the source in svn to
confirm any tricks or strategies they're using.

Uses CMS for small static navigation

CMS, but only a small site at present

Uses Apache Forrest [5], which is a document generation tool. Lucene is
organized as a number of sub-projects, each of which has its own
collection of Forrest content documents. The site generation tool then
assembles the complete site [6] from these pieces. Each sub-project gets
its own left-hand navigation menu, with a fixed horizontal menu for the
various sub-projects. There's a guide on the process for updating the
web site at [7]

Single page site using the CMS

Site [8] uses CMS straightforwardly, without a complex navigation
scheme. External link to SourceForce wiki to reference the existing
project documentation wiki. No reference to javadoc that I could find.

Larger site [9], with a fixed navigation scheme - hence a long menu on
the RHS of the page. Javadoc links to separate URL under, so presumably updated separately to the main content.
I couldn't see instructions on updating the documentation. Site also
links to a project page on the Apache wiki, which include a couple of
useful pointers on the CMS [10]

Small site [11] with a fixed navigation structure. This is the reference
site mentioned in the CMS documentation

Traffic server
Mature TLP. The CMS-based site [13] is interesting for two reasons:
first, most of the core documentation is not managed by the CMS - the
CMS pages are an index layer to the other docs. Second, the docs use
html formatting, not markdown, but rely on #include's processed by the
CMS engine to assemble the templates.

A mixture of CMS and Forrest. The CMS pages provide the main indexes
(and use textile not markdown syntax). Then there are Forrest built
documentation sub-sites for each major release.

As far as I can tell, there are no complex sites built just using the
facilities of the Apache CMS. The issue is either avoided by referencing
external documentation, typically on wikis, or addressed by using build
tools to assemble the sites. The only build tool I found in use in this
quick survey was Forrest.


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