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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Warnings from the test suite
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2011 18:50:06 GMT

On 26/01/11 14:57, Chris Dollin wrote:
> On Wednesday, January 26, 2011 01:18:36 pm Andy Seaborne wrote:
>> The test suite is producing warnings:
>> Should these be warnings at all?
>> WARN [main] ( - inventing a datatype for class
>> java.sql.Date
> Yes, they should be at least warnings. The literal system has been asked
> to create a typed literal for which it does not have a registered
> datatype object. So it creates one (and re-uses it as necessary).
> Good programs won't do this, but it allows less-good [1] programs,
> and tests, to carry on.
> Making it an error would mean fiddling around with the regression
> tests -- or finally dumping them, since they are pure legacy and
> their job was taken over by NewRegression. Making it configurable
> would be a pain (adding a new global flag is an a-priori bad idea,
> and doesn't work if different models would have different expectations).
> I'm thinking ... pastels! and dumping the old regression suite. Less
> clutter to carry forward.
> Chris
>   [1] ++ungood programs have more serious issues.

Can the output of the warning be suppressed during testing?  For 
example, beforeClass/afterClass bracketing that changes the logging 
levels. org.openjena.atlas.logging.Log has some code to enable/disable 
logging for log4j programmatically which might help.  The logging 
messages aren't checked in the tests are they?

Having a build/test that causes output is problematic.  It's less error 
prone to look through the output and see no messages, or if they are,to 
take action.  Having to sift through the messages to notice what's 
expected and what isn't is liable to miss things.

(The same is true of javadoc warnings - but these aren't from this code)


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