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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Project web site
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2011 22:10:22 GMT
On 07/01/2011 21:36, Ian Dickinson wrote:
> I accepted the action to set up the intial Jena incubator web presence.
> Reading, I note that:
> """
> The sources for every podling site sources should be maintained in the
> podling's SVN
> """

That's not entirely true. In fact you can have an instance of confluence 
and then statically publish from there. Infra provide sufficent backup 
and recovery for COnfluence for us to treat it as a first class IP trail.

> I also note that we're being encouraged to use the new CMS [1].

Well "encouraged" might not be the right word. Certainly you should 
consider it over other options. It provides much more flexibility than 
Confluence because people can checkout from SVN and provide patches. 
However, it is new and is not a feature rich CMS.

That being said, it was built by our own infra team so you can expect 
rock solid support for it.

> However,
> I've read the documentation for the CMS now, several times, and I'm
> still not sure what needs to happen for us to get at least a minimal
> incubator site up. What do I actually need to *do*? I understand that
> some Markdown needs to be in SVN somewhere, but where, and what else
> needs setting up so that i.a.o/projects/jena.html will work? Mentors:
> suggestions and hints please?

I have never set up a CMS site, so this may be the blind leading the 
blind, but...

However I can point you to some docs that *appear* to answer your 
question. (I say appear because they are in docs you have read, so my 
speed reading may be giving me the wrong impression).

Where to put content:

(I'm assuming that you are going with a module based SVN structure as 
per other thread)

see for more details on the layout

See for a 
working example.

(note this example was created by Bertrand, one of our mentors, although 
I know he is caught up at the moment and not likely to get to this mail 
for a short while)

Bertrand also wrote some notes for the Stanbol podling which I linked to 
in an earlier dicsussion on this topic - you might find them useful


> Thanks,
> Ian
> [1]

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