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From Chris Dollin <>
Subject Re: Warnings from the test suite
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2011 14:57:34 GMT
On Wednesday, January 26, 2011 01:18:36 pm Andy Seaborne wrote:
> The test suite is producing warnings:

> Should these be warnings at all?

> WARN [main] ( - inventing a datatype for class 
> java.sql.Date

Yes, they should be at least warnings. The literal system has been asked
to create a typed literal for which it does not have a registered
datatype object. So it creates one (and re-uses it as necessary).

Good programs won't do this, but it allows less-good [1] programs,
and tests, to carry on.

Making it an error would mean fiddling around with the regression
tests -- or finally dumping them, since they are pure legacy and
their job was taken over by NewRegression. Making it configurable
would be a pain (adding a new global flag is an a-priori bad idea,
and doesn't work if different models would have different expectations).

I'm thinking ... pastels! and dumping the old regression suite. Less
clutter to carry forward.


 [1] ++ungood programs have more serious issues. 

"There are questions, so many questions"                /Script Switch Trigger/

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