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From Adam Howard <>
Subject Action result types in RestfulObjects (json) viewer
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2012 06:22:36 GMT
Hi Dan,

I was looking in a few different places and noticed some
inconsistencies that I wanted to ask about.

The action result representation has a resultType property. In the
1.0.0 spec that allowed values are "object", "list", "scalar", and

In the latest Isis code the ActionResultRepresentation.ResultType enum
has the following values:

DOMAIN_OBJECT("domainobject"), LIST("list"),
SCALAR_VALUE("scalarvalue"), VOID("void");

So "domainobject" and "scalarvalue" are different. This could be based
on allowed values from the 0.52 spec. The oldest copy I have is 0.69.0
and it has the same allowed values as 1.0.0.

But...looking at the code in the jqMobile demo I see that the
handleActionResultRepresentation function in generic.js checks for
values of "object" and "list". How does this work? Does the demo not
have any actions that return a single object?

Whatever the case it looks like an easy fix to update the enum.
However, making this change (and any others to resolve ISIS-233) will
temporarily leave the viewer in a "between spec versions" state where
there is a little bit of 0.52 and a little bit of 1.0.0. Is this a
concern? Is releasing 0.3.1-incubating dependent on completing


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