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From Adam Howard <>
Subject Re: AROW viewer now on github
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2012 04:48:28 GMT
Replied inline...

On Jul 1, 2012, at 2:33 PM, Dan Haywood <> wrote:

>> So, firstly, it looks like @Hidden repositories are still included in the
>> /services representation in the json-viewer (even in trunk as of last
>> week).
> In which case, that's an error in the restfulobjects-viewer (nee
> json-viewer).  I've made a note to fix (unless you fix first!)

I'll try my best :) The html viewer checks
serviceObjectAdapter.getSpecification().isHidden while it is building
it's navigation. This method just checks that HiddenFacet is present
so even marking the service class as @Hidden(When.NEVER) will hide it
in the html viewer. The restfulobjects viewer would handle this in the
ListReprRenderer but I think we want something better than just
checking for the hidden facet. It could be hidden because of
authorities or some business logic reason. This would also affect any
other list results (like an actionresult that is a list.) Does
something like ObjectMember.isVisible(AuthenticationSession,
ObjectAdapter) exist for whole domain objects?

>> And, secondly, is my original question. Can methods annotated
>> @NotInServicesMenu be excluded from the /services representation but still
>> included as contributed actions?
>> Yes, that's certainly the intent of that annotation.  So, I've made a note
> to check this also.

I did some research into the restfulobjects, html, and dnd viewers and
I don't think any of them respect this annotation. It looks like the
appropriate course is to make NotInServiceMenuFacet implement
HidingInteractionAdvisor and return a "hidden reason" string only if
the object is a service. This change is in the metamodel so it should
fix it for both the restfulobjects and html viewers. I don't know if
the dnd viewer checks for hidden actions in the same way. I'll try
going down this path and you can let me know if that is the wrong

> You might have noticed that I finished renaming json-viewer to
> restfulobjects-viewer in the SVN trunk, and that has now been pushed to my
> github.dom/danhaywood/apacheisis repository for your delectation.

Since this is my first git and github project I don't know exactly how
to manage this. Should I fork your apacheisis repo into my github
account and then develop against that? Then when I have something
ready I send you a pull request?


p.s. all of the above is referring to version 0.2.0-incubating of the
json(restfulobjects) and html viewers, and version 0.1.2-incubating of
the dnd viewer. I apologize if any or all of these issues have been
solved in trunk. I'll try them out with the latest code tomorrow.
Wanted to get this email out to you since it seems like we can only
have about one discussion a day due to the time difference.

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