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From Adam Howard <>
Subject Re: AROW viewer now on github
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2012 02:09:43 GMT
Hi Dan,

Replying inline.

On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 2:46 AM, Dan Haywood
<> wrote:

> Those icons are nice... always on the lookout for new ones [1] ... are they
> open source?

I found them on the IconArchive website[1]. They are all under different
levels of CreativeCommons [2][3].

>> Also, if you'd like, I could host the apacheisisdemo app on my heroku
>> account.
> Thanks, that might make sense.  Though Mike's server has been very
> reliable, so it's not causing us a problems.

Are you talking about the ToDos demo app? I was referring to your Revenue
Commisioners project on github[4].

>> One question on the json viewer implementation though. Is it planned
>> to support not including repository methods in the json that are
>> annotated with @NotInServicesMenu? Or is there another way to handle
>> that? Your model has alot of contributed actions that I see are not
>> displayed in the html viewer.
> We can certainly support it, though it'll have to be via the "extensions"
> json-prop, probably of one of the domain-types representations.

Couldn't those actions just be excluded from the service's json as if they were
hidden? It seems like that is what the html viewer does…

I just went back to look at the apacheisisdemo and I see that you've annotated
the repository classes as @Hidden (CustomerProfiles) but the methods are not
annotated (profileFor). This must be why the repositories don't show up on the
htmlviewer but the methods are still contributed on the objects of their first
argument. I have some methods that should only be contributed but they are in
repositories that should not be hidden.

So, firstly, it looks like @Hidden repositories are still included in the
/services representation in the json-viewer (even in trunk as of last week).
And, secondly, is my original question. Can methods annotated
@NotInServicesMenu be excluded from the /services representation but still
included as contributed actions?

> More generally, I want to find a way to (a) help you carry on developing
> your viewer, while (b) carry on with the json-viewer and getting it up to
> 1.0.0 of the spec.   Those two are somewhat in conflict - if I commit
> changes that break your viewer, I can that'd be annoying for you (well, I'd
> get annoyed, at any rate).
> So, what I'm just doing is creating a github clone of the apache isis
> codebase.  I'll keep this reasonably up-to-date as a read-only copy, and
> then you can, if you want, clone it and do "git pull" as-and-when you are
> ready.  Does that make sense?  At any rate, I'll do that clone this today
> at some point.

I have no notion of AROW being remotely stable until it complies with 1.0.0 of
the RO spec. So any updates you make to the json-viewer just brings me closer
to that goal. As of right now I am still finding plenty to implement working
off of v0.56 of the spec in 0.2.0-incubating. Saying that, I appreciate
all of the support, and thanks for setting up the git repo. This is my first git
project so I still need to learn the best way to work with all of these separate
but related repositories (Apache Isis, AROW, and my sample app).

On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 2:51 AM, Dan Haywood
<> wrote:
> Also, Adam, just to let you know... there's a discussion over on
> RestfulObjects.NET site [1] asking about RO clients.    I've posted a link
> to this thread over there.

Thanks. I'll go introduce myself over there.

> Dan
> [1]

Adam Howard


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