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From Adam Howard <>
Subject JSONP
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2012 14:31:59 GMT
I tried making an ajax call using JSONP to the json-viewer yesterday
and I got an exception in DomainResourceHelper.readQueryStringAsMap.
It seems that all requests try to read the full query string into a
JsonRepresentation. I know this is used when needing to pass a json
argument to a GET request like
...}. When a JSONP call is made the query string contains some extra
information for the ajax handler like
?callback=jQuery188497262985&_=817483. This blows up the json parsing.

Any ideas on how we might want to solve this?

Two other questions:
1. Should these kinds of things be cross posted in both users and dev
mailing lists. It's an issue I can found while using the system that
will probably require development.

2. What can I do to help get the json-viewer up to RO 1.0.0 spec? I
didn't have any luck with getting iconName added because I don't
understand how image urls are resolved well enough but I'm willing to
work on any other low-hanging fruit. I saw that Dan added a ticket[1]
for 1.0.0 support but no details (which I'm sure are all in his head.)

Adam Howard


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