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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject Re: move to git?
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2012 17:27:43 GMT
+1 for postponing the move to GIT to a later stage. GIT is really cool, but it is certainly
not a no-brainer and needs careful preparation.

But much more important:

+1 for graduation. 

Dan, can you please prepare the graduation proposal? I've written up one for BVal in the Wiki
[1]. You can take this (and others as well) as blueprint for Isis.

The only thing missing now is to find a volunteer who does all the 'slave work', aka despot,
aka  PMC Chair for Isis :)
I'm not sure what other think, but imo Dan did a great job so far. 
Thus I'd like to nominate Dan Haywood as PMC Chair for the upcoming Isis graduation proposal.



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> From: Dan Haywood <>
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> Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 7:06 PM
> Subject: Re: move to git?
>T hanks for all these opinions (and welcome, Deepak).
> To me, it sounds that a sensible approach might be to explore the git
> mirroring that Benson mentioned, so that those of us who want to start
> using git can, but the canonical repository is still svn.
> Then, once we (well me, at least) have gained some skills in git, and once
> ASF has more fully-rounded support, then we could transition fully.
> ~~~
> Kinda related... both Mark and Benson, our mentors, and also Jukka Zitting
> (the incubator chair) are suggesting that we are ready for graduation.  At
> least, this is what I believe Jukka's covering notes for the June 2012
> report to the ASF board will say.
> We need to do a vote on graduation here, of course.  If the vote carries
> then maybe moving to git might be one of the things to do post-graduation
> (since there'll be a number of other admin tasks to do at that stage,
> anyway).
> Dan

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