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From Sebastian Samaruga <>
Subject Isis Semantic Backend
Date Thu, 24 May 2012 03:43:48 GMT

I'm currently developing some kind of knowledge management application
using RDF and such semantic web related technologies. I've found Isis
and thought it will be great to use it as a a front end while
developing and maybe I think it as a service layer given the REST
functionality that is provided.

The question is given that I have no previous knowledge of the object
types and the properties I should handle because the schema is
dynamic, I wonder if it will be worth doing try to develop some kind
of Dynamic Object Model adapter layer over my model and to provide it
to Isis so this model and its persistence leverages the benefits of
using the framework. I also should handle context/interaction/actions
which should be provided as operations but they are also modeled in an
ontological fashion so I should adapt this too.

I will continue with the examples and further investigating the
documentation so I can realize if this usage of Isis is convenient,
for me at least. Because I'm trying to develop a Knowledge Base with
some process management and governance ingredients I'm actually
needing some tool for minimal test and prototyping. Best,

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