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From Robert Matthews <>
Subject OIDs for services
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 23:16:57 GMT
I've just noticed that OIDs for services have been broken, such that 
multiple simple repositories (declared using 
repository#org.package.ClassName in the services list) and the option to 
replace one service implementation with another will not work.

Services were designed to be identified by an Id (using the getId() 
method in a service class) so that services were install afresh during 
each start up and not persisted, and both these uses could be 
accommodated.  The code has be changed to use a specification instead of 
the id (specifically, but not limited to the ObjectStorePersistence 
interface).  Was this simply an oversight in trying to move away from a 
simple string to a relevant type or was something trying to be achieved 
here that I am not aware of?

I will raise a ticket for this and restore the original functionality, 
but first I want to make sure there is nothing else that I need to consider.



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