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From Mike Burton <>
Subject Re: Domain-library class request: PDF output
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2011 07:31:15 GMT
Hi Kevin,

I've used JasperReports, which calls iText. I had some ideas for how this could be used in
Isis, aside from licensing issues, along these lines...

A Report is itself an Object, encapsulating the details of what we want to "print", such as
filters, fields (and maybe expressions defining composite/ derived fields) all taken from
a Domain Object. Also agregate fields (total, average, max..) and grouping "bands" in which
these agregates would appear. 

Isis could create a "default report", maybe as a context menu operation from within Viewer.
User could then add or remove properties on the Report and save it under a different name
such as CustXyzReport. It would be nice to handle "joins" over >1 domain objects, and maybe

Best Regards

Mike Burton
( from  iPhone)

On 20 Sep 2011, at 17:52, Siegfried Goeschl <> wrote:

> Hi Kevin,
> unfortunately I have a lot of experience but you would need to explain how the PDF generation
should work in your opinion regarding content and layouting
> +) the iText approach is more or less building a PDF by code
> +) Apache PDFBox allows filling out PDF forms and creation of simple PDFs based on text
> +) Apache FOP is a way to go but FOP templates and XSLT is, well, difficult
> +) my latest approach is converting HTML to PDF using "wkhtmltopdf" (
> The main question is the layout - is it static or user-defined?
> Cheers,
> Siegfried Goeschl
> On 14.09.11 16:23, Kevin Meyer - KMZ wrote:
>> Dear Rob and Jeff,
>> Having a quick look at iText, its licensing is definitely not ASF
>> compatible, so I could not add the results to the Isis domain.
>> One of the comments [1] in Rob's referenced TSS article suggests
>> using Apache FOP [2]. I'll look into this first (perhaps I'll even be able
>> to create the XSLT stylesheet in OpenOffice - that'll be a real winner!
>> Regards,
>> Kevin
>> [1]
>> 461&ad=847070&thread_id=62927&asrc=EM_NLN_14864357&uid=2
>> 785788#349513
>> [2]
>> On 14 Sep 2011 at 9:49, Robert Matthews wrote:
>>> Kevin
>>> I had a look at iText ( in the past, but have not
>>> used it. It struck me that it would be possible to use Isis to to
>>> actually design the document, not just render it.  Also, there is
>>> posting on TSS (
>>> <>)
>>> titled "From java.awt.print.Printable to PDF" that sounds interesting
>>> (although I haven't read it yet).
>>> Regards
>>> Rob
>>> On 13/09/11 18:25, Kevin Meyer - KMZ wrote:
>>>> Dear all,
>>>> Please could I ask for some assistance in creating Isis domain classes
>>>> to support creation of PDF files?
>>>> Does anyone have any experience with using java to create PDF files?
>>>> I am guessing that some sort of template would be required (to specify
>>>> what goes where), and a way of telling the PDF domain classes which
>>>> properties should be used.
>>>> Since Isis does not support documents as a value type yet (see ISIS-
>>>> 115 [1]), I will probably use the email domain classes to send the result
>>>> to a recipient, assuming that I can add attachment support (if it isn't
>>>> already there).
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Kevin
>>>> [1]

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