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From Stevan Buzejic <>
Subject Help for a student project
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2011 17:32:43 GMT
Greetings Dan,
First of all I would like to thank you for spending your time on my problem.
I am sorry for my terminology. We have used on our colleague on several
classes so I accepted it. I will try to avoid this in further communication.

I attached picture of a model using in this student-research project so any
help would be appreciated.

I have managed to create Customer and Invoice classes and all relationships
between them (Using mutual registration patern). But then the problem
arises. I am using dnd viewer. When I right click on a Customer and select
new Customer option I want to add to that cutomer an Invoice. So I press
right click on mouse and select new Invoice (similar use case like
CarService application example from the book Domain driven design using
Naked Objects, when I want to add a car to a customer). After that I fill
the form for creating new Invoice with some data and press save button.
Everithing it’s ok. But now I want to save my Customer. When I press the
save button on a Customer form, exception arises:

Object already persistent:

etc. I know why it is happening, the Customer is saved when I save the
Invoice, so when I hit save on Cusotmer form, it tries to save it again but
this customer is already persisted. Is there any techique to avoid this
problem or any example on web where I can find solution for this? I know how
to achieve this using conventional programming and various technologies, but
I am not sure if and how it can be done with Your framework.

About new viewer and about participating in Your projects, thanks for
offering me a cooperation, I will have Your proposal in my mind. Currently I
am very busy, doing some student project in Clojure language and exploring
capabilities of Your framework. Once again thanks for response and hoping
You could provide me ansvers for current problem.
 Thanks in advanace,
*Stevan Buzejić*

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