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From Dan Haywood <>
Subject Re: Help for a student project - master studies
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2011 19:56:39 GMT
Hi Stevan,
you'll see that I just replied to your private email, but thanks also 
for posting here ... much better to get correspondence on the public 
isis-dev mailing list.

I wonder if you could post some code snippets that reproduce the 
problem?  If you like, by all means raise a ticket (link is on the isis 
website) with the relevant code as an attachment.


On 11/09/2011 20:27, Stevan Buzejic wrote:
> Greetings,
> My name is Stevan Buzejińá, a master student of software engineering at the
> Faculty of organizational sciences in Belgrade, Serbia. I am working on a
> research project that involves Your framework, NakedObjects or
> ApacheIsis(for the Java platform).
> I have learned the basic concepts of NakedObjects, made a few simple use
> cases and have decided to try something a bit more complex.
> Namely, I have a strong object and a weak object and what I would like to
> do, is make a more complex form for the strong object (in my concrete case,
> the strong object is named Customer) that allows us to immediately add weak
> objects to it (in my case, weak objects are Invoices). Specifically, what I
> would like is to be able to add weak objects to a temporary list and after
> clicking the Save button for the strong object, I would like to save
> everything to the database with all the relationships correctly created and
> transferred.
> I have managed to create Customer and Invoice classes and all relationships
> between them (Using mutual registration patern). But then the problem
> arises. I am using dnd viewer. When Ii press right click on a Customer and
> select new Customer option I want to add to that cutomer an Invoice. So I
> press right click on mouse and select new Invoice (similar use case like
> CarService application example from the book Domain driven design using
> Naked Objects, when I want to add a car to a customer). After that I fill
> the form for creating new Invoice with some data and press save button.
> Everithing it's ok. But now I want to save my Customer. When I press the
> save button on a Customer form exception arises:
> org.apache.isis.runtimes.dflt.runtime.persistence.NotPersistableException:
> Object already persistent:
> PojoAdapter@1be032b[PR~~:OID#5+,specification=Customer,version=1,pojo-toStri
> ng=dom.masterapp.Customer$$EnhancerByCGLIB$$131323de@68cb669d,pojo-hash=#68c
> b669d]
> etc. I know why it is happening, the Customer is saved when I save the
> Invoice, so when I hit save on Cusotmer form it tries to save it again but
> this customer is already persisted. Is there any techique to avoid this
> problem or any example on web where I can find solution for this? I know how
> to achieve this using conventional programming and various technologies, but
> I am not sure if and how it can be done with Your framework. Currently I am
> reading Your book "Domain driven design using Naked Objects", and I haven't
> managed to find the resources needed to solve my problem and are hoping You
> can help me with tips and/or instructions.
> I thank You in advance for any help You can give me it would be significant
> to my work.
> Stevan Buzejic
> +38163628238

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