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From Robert Matthews <>
Subject Re: commit messages and JIRA
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2011 12:19:07 GMT
I'm all for that (+1).  What happens for other changes - reforactorings 
or small incremental improvements?

While we are talking about change, I'm missing Trac terribly, and 
specifically its view of the code base and most importantly its ability 
to view the difference between revisions (see the original codebase at


for an example).  This has helped me tremedously so many time to see 
where changes are taking place and what has happened.

Is there anything similar in Apache? Does anyone know of other similar 
tools (the source browsing/diffing part) that we could make use of? 
(While Trac will allow you to use a mirrored repository I don't think 
this would work with Isis as the repo is shared with all the other 
projects - ie its too big!)


On 17/07/11 17:23, Dan Haywood wrote:
> Now that we have a first release out, I'd like to ensure that there's 
> some traceability in changes being made...   That way we can be sure 
> that our release notes for subsequent releases will be reasonably 
> comprehensive, as well as meaning that users will gain confidence in 
> us as being a properly-run project.
> So, what I'd like to propose that any commits that we do to the 
> codebase are cross-referenced to a JIRA ticket.  For example, if 
> working on ISIS-105, then the commit message should be something like: 
> "ISIS-105: sorted out formatting".
> Opinions?
> Thanks
> Dan

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