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From "Kevin Meyer - KMZ" <>
Subject Maven3 and docbkx-maven-plugin question: html generated in the wrong directory
Date Sun, 17 Jul 2011 12:08:16 GMT

To those who may know, a quick question:

I am playing with Maven3 (with 4 threads it generates the site 
documentation in about 1/4 of the time as maven 2), but have 
uncovered a small quirk:

With Maven 2 (docbkx-maven-plugin ver 2.0.8), the output of the html 
file is placed in, for example:

Now, with Maven 3 (and docbkx-maven-plugin ver 2.0.13), the output 
of the html is in:

i.e. in a sub-directory with the same name as the output file. Obviously, 
this messes up existing URLs, and, more annoying, the image 
directory is in .../guide/images/... and hence the images don't load.

The PDF documentation is fine.

Can anyone tell me where the setting is that determines where the 
output file is placed?  I can't find documentation on the html generation 


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