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From "Kevin Meyer - KMZ" <>
Subject Re: Problem with non-support of Collections as arguments.
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2011 19:34:10 GMT
Hi Iain,

Thanks for the detail - things are clearer now.

I've been putting off a reply as I (still) need to think some more about a 
decent way forward for you, given your desired use of Isis and the 
code produced by Emfatic.


On 9 Jul 2011 at 20:52, Iain Flynn wrote:

> Hi Kevin,
> > Sorry if I'm asking you to repeat yourself, but:
> > I suppose, to take a few steps back, what is your actual application 
> > domain, i.e. an outline of one or two of the classes that you *want* to 
> > appear in the Isis viewers, and the kind of actions you want to expose?
> The application domain is a catalogue of Japanese animation, the
> creators and writers/directors of such, as well as characters and
> the IPs (Intellectual Properties) they belong to. An example of a
> domain entity here would be Series (a kind of Adaptation), with a
> value for amount of episodes, along with operations for adding
> characters to the series, adding alternative (different language)
> names for the series, and so on. 


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