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From "Kevin Meyer - KMZ" <>
Subject Re: Wicket Viewer - fetching choices for value types
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2011 16:09:01 GMT

A bit of a slog, trying to understand Wicket and the Wicket Viewer, but 
I finally seem to have something that works.

I had to change ConverterForObjectAdapterMemento#convertToString 
to work with value-type objects.

Otherwise, the Wicket viewer now seems to support choicesXXX for 
properties for value types. 

I have not tested this for parameters.

One annoying thing I have not completed is getting the layout sorted 
out. The choices dropdown list appears outside the property "label" 
range, and renders a bit vertically displaced.

Dan, if you get a chance, could you look at 
and see what is missing?

I've tested this for Date and String, and it works.

Ah - nearly forgot - I also don't (yet) know how to correctly initialise the 
drop-down list with the existing property value. It always starts off with 
"Choose One", instead of the existing value.


On 9 Jul 2011 at 16:47, Kevin Meyer - KMZ wrote:

> Hi Dan,
> I got quite far, to the extend that I was able to render the choices in a 
> drop-down list, but I *still* had the original input field as a free-form 
> entry box.
> While trying to address this, I got stuck again.
> Anyway!
> If ComponentFactoryScalarAbstract#createComponent, I have some 
> code (currently commented out) that looks like this:
>     public final Component createComponent(final String id, final IModel<?> model)
>         final ScalarModel scalarModel = (ScalarModel) model;
>         // TODO: This is where the ValueCollection panel gets created.
>         final List<ObjectAdapter> choices = scalarModel.getChoices();
>         if (choices.size() > 0) {
> 	return new ValueCollection(id, scalarModel);
>         } else {
>         	return createComponent(id, scalarModel);
>         }
>     }
> The point is that if a property of any of the regular scalarModel types is 
> found to have some choices, then instead of creating the normal 
> component (e.g. StringPanel), the factory creates a ValueCollection 
> (ok, the name can be changed).
> As I see it, this value collection simply needs to render a the value type 
> as a dropdown list...
> But I'm getting stuck trying to synchronise the HTML and the wicket 
> viewer code in ValueCollection.
> I'm going to stop here for a while, but would appreciate it if you could 
> uncomment the block in ComponentFactoryScalarAbstract, above, 
> and have a look at my & html.
> I deleted what turned out to be unneeded changes to the 
>,, etc, and 
> deleted the unneeded
> Regards,
> Kevin

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