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From Mike Burton <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Isis release candidate 0.1.2-RC3-incubating
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2011 10:25:11 GMT
Hi Dan,

Looks like you've been very busy and hopefully got there now, well done!

I verified the RC3 release, strictly following the quickstart guide as a newcomer would.
I encountered 2 issues which I don't think invalidate the release, but I'll mention them here

1.  When I built the quickstart archetype, as per Quickstart Guide...
I needed to run mvn in a directory that doesn't have a pom.xml in it, as per your earlier
suggestion, does this need documenting?
ie when I did:
mvn archetype:generate  \
     -D archetypeGroupId=org.apache.isis \
     -D archetypeArtifactId=quickstart-archetype \
     -D groupId=com.mycompany \
     -D artifactId=myapp
I got:
  Failed to validate POM for project com.agilejava.docbkx:docbkx-maven-plugin at Artifact
So I did  mkdir tmp; cd tmp   then repeated the above, all good.

2. When I ran the quickstart achetype
Quickstart Guide says cd quickstart, but actually need to cd examples/quickstart
Exploring this, the Quickstart Guide says is in the dom module. It is in examples/quickstart/dom/src/main/java/dom/todo/
which is pretty much obvious.

To be absolutely thorough one might review the documentation in light of the above, depending
how much we want to leave developers to work it out / search the lists etc.

I also fixed the earlier Maven2 issue I had, see separate post. Again this seemed to be a
config issue but I guess others may encounter it. I don't think this needs updates to the
documentation, it references the email list which people can search.

Thanks again for all your hard work!

Best Regards

Mike Burton
Myco Systems Ltd
01753 893390
17 Criss Grove, Gerrards Cross, BUCKS, SL9 9HG
Registered in England No 1832705

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On 4 Jun 2011, at 07:25, Dan Haywood wrote:

> Third time lucky!
> I've staged a release candidate for Apache Isis, namely 0.1.2-RC3-incubating.
> This release differs from the previous in that ISIS-97 has been addressed [1].
> The signed source ZIP can be downloaded from my home directory on
> * <>
(zip file), and
> *
> The code has been tagged as tags/0.1.2-RC3-incubating.
> In addition, the Maven artifacts have been staged to staging repository on
> *
> I've also uploaded a new version of the site at
> The contributors guide on the site contains some suggestions of how to verify the release,
> Please verify the release and cast your vote.  The vote will be open for 72 hours or
> [ ] +1
> [ ]  0
> [ ] -1
> Thanks!
> Dan
> [1]

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