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From Robert Matthews <>
Subject Re: a JSON-based RESTful protocol.
Date Sat, 25 Jun 2011 20:11:57 GMT
The point is you can deal with them as exceptions, but that list will 
typically be small or hopefully non-existent. Also, if there were to be 
many then it wouldn't be the right choice, and you'd put the work in to 
define all.  Different situations call for different solutions.

On 25/06/11 14:49, Alexander Krasnukhin wrote:
> I have a very bad bad feeling about assuming all the class names are unique.
> On Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 11:58 AM, Robert Matthews<
>>  wrote:
>> I've noticed a similar thing in a help index that I have had to implement
>> recently.  While starting off with a set of fully qualified class names I
>> noticed that for the domain classes (where the class was ultimately accessed
>> by the user) we never used the same name as this would be confusing to the
>> user. With that in mind we now assume that all the class names are unique so
>> can safely refer to them using their short names.
>> Now as Dan said, these will depend on the OID in question but we might want
>> to adapt its interface so it can provide both the original internal form and
>> a suitable user identifiable form.  So in the original example
>> com.mycompany.Order|123 would be available as Order|123 and Dan's JPA
>> example, ORD|123 would also become Order|123.
>> Regards
>> Rob
>> On 24/06/11 19:38, Henry Saputra wrote:
>>> Hi Dan,
>>> Is there a way to map the actual Java class name for the object such
>>> as com.mycompany.Order|123 to short name? This will help to make the
>>> API URL simpler.
>>> I am new with Apache Isis and naked object design but looking forward
>>> to implement it as prototype for our architecture.
>>> - Henry
>>> On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 2:39 PM, Dan Haywood<>   wrote:
>>>> Alexander and I have (off-list) been throwing an idea or two about
>>>> developing a viewer-agnostic network protocol.  Alexander put a page on
>>>> the
>>>> wiki about this a while back [1].
>>>> My thought are that we could support this using a JSON-based RESTful
>>>> protocol, perhaps as an extension/evolution of our current Restful viewer
>>>> (which currently supports only XHTML).
>>>> With that in mind, I've added a number of pages to the wiki to document
>>>> what
>>>> this protocol might look like; [2] is the jumping off point, but see also
>>>> [3] for details on the typical representation of a domain object.
>>>> Comments/contributions welcome!
>>>> Dan
>>>> [1]
>>>> Viewer-agnostic+Network+**Protocol<>
>>>> [2]**confluence/display/ISIS/**
>>>> Restful+Json+Protocol<>
>>>> [3]**confluence/display/ISIS/GET+**
>>>> on+an+Object<>

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