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From Dan Haywood <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Isis release candidate 0.1.2-RC4-incubating
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2011 13:56:10 GMT

On 23/06/2011 13:54, sebb wrote:
> On 23 June 2011 10:37, Mark Struberg<>  wrote:
>> Hi Sebb!
>> Txs for catching this!
>> Just to make sure we are looking at the same source distribution. I took the one
I reviewed from here:
> I thought I had used the one from the e-mail:
> but it turns out I used [a] later file from the same directory:
> Oops - sorry about that.

My apols for leaving that later ZIP around - that isn't the one that was 
voted on or is being released.  I've now deleted it.

> However, the problem still exists - the source archive from the home
> directory as listed in the e-mail contains lots of entries that don't
> belong there.
I think I explained why in my previous email... they relate to example 
modules that are not part of the distro, but which mvn release:prepare - 
it would seem - zips up.

> What's even more serious is that the Maven version of the source
> archive that you used is not the same as the source archive listed in
> the e-mail.
> They have different sigs and hashes.
That's very interesting, and somewhat odd, that Maven should do that.

> This means that you may not all have voted on the same artifacts.
> IMO, that invalidates any votes.
The ZIP that I asked for the vote on I took from the target directory of 
the root module and uploaded to my home directory on people.  But given 
that this stuff gets uploaded to Maven too, that's probably a better ZIP 
to vote on.

I therefore agree that it means that not everyone has voted on the same 
artifacts, so I need to go round the loop again.

> There is a further problem.
> The Maven repo source archive only has one extra file - NOTICE - which
> is not in the SVN tag.
> Easily fixed by adding NOTICE to SVN (which should be there anyway).
As discussed before, I don't think that's required... but will address 

> So I can see why you were curious about what archive I had used ...
> However the POM files disagree with the SVN tag.
> 0.1.2-RC4-incubating - Maven source archive
> 0.1.2-incubating - SVN tag
Again, I should have deleted that "0.1.2-incubating" tag; but that's a 

> The other POMs in the Maven directory contain version ids of
> 0.1.2-RC4-incubating which I think will cause problems if they are
> deployed.
They won't.  But since I need to go round the loop again, I'll remove 
them for the next vote.

> I would expect to see one source archive (packaged as zip and usually
> tar.gz), which should agree with the files in the SVN tag.
As I've already described, though, the svn tag is created by the mvn 
release:prepare, not the other way round.  I don't think we're doing 
anything different from other Apache projects in the regard.  If you can 
provide me with better information, I'll willingly follow it.  The 
process we're following now (as exhaustively documented in our 
contributors guide) is based on the knowledge I've gleaned from studying 
umpteen other projects release processes that also use Maven.

> The POMs in the Maven staging area should also agree with the SVN tag
As discussed already.

> I think the packaging needs to be fixed before the release can be made.
As discussed already.

>> Please note that a few files will be created automatically on the fly (MANIFEST with
correct entries) thus they do not exist in SVN.
> This is not actually a problem with the Maven version of the source archive.
> It is a problem with the version from Dan's home directory.
OK, that's useful to know.... confirms that I should use the version 
uploaded to Maven staging repo, not from "target" directory.

>> I think the problem with the NOTICE files is caused by maven using the
for both the menu in the site and the title in the NOTICE file. Thus you can choose between
a broken menu (way too long text) and a broken NOTICE file (way to less text) :)
>> I think we should add the NOTICE files to each and every sub module. Afaik maven
doesn't generate them anymore in that case.
Will do that also.


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