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From "Kevin Meyer - KMZ" <>
Subject Re: Why does isis build fetch isis dependencies from repositories?
Date Sun, 12 Jun 2011 10:29:42 GMT
On 11 Jun 2011 at 12:21, Dan Haywood wrote:

> Hi Kevin,
> OK, here's the deal.
> After RC3 I've made some changes to dependencies - specifically:
> * removing the dependency on xom and replacing it with jdom
> * replacing some missed javax.* dependencies with geronimo equivalents
> * replacing resteasy 1.0.2 (LGPL licensed) with resteasy 2.2 (ALv2 licensed)
> All of which means that it's necessary to build Isis at some point 
> without the -o (offline) flag, in order to pull down those new dependencies.
> When you did this what you then saw was Maven pulling down dependencies 
> from the apache.snapshot repo.  That's fine.  

I had a particularly bad internet connection that day... every resource 
that needed to be downloaded was slowing the build down by several 
minutes. It frustrated me when it was downloading resources that it 
should have been able to build!

My main gripe is that surely it *must* be possible to build Isis from 
trunk without *having* to fetch snapshots from repositories?

Did I just have grief because there were some external dependencies 

Testing it now, it seems that this was the case - renaming 
repository/org/apache/isis and doing a "mvn -o ...." seems to be 
building quite fine - now that geronimo, etc, have been updated.

This being the case, I would have expected those *external* 
dependencies to have been flagged as the blockers, instead of the Isis 
modules that depend on missing the external dependencies...

Maven is very much a black box to me, and when it doesn't work as 
expected, it bothers me! I can't help but compare mvn builds to 
Makefile builds, but this is clearly not fair. Maven does a lot more than 
make (normally) needed to..


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