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From Dan Haywood <>
Subject [CANCEL] [VOTE] Apache Isis release candidate 0.1.2-RC3-incubating
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 20:12:33 GMT

Thanks, Mark, though, for your time in checking through the release.  I 
had completely missed that LGPL dependency on XOM, which is really 
annoying.  I need to change some source code to remove that dependency, 
so the next RC might be delayed til I do that.

I don't think that anything is required in the NOTICE file for the other 
category-a licenses, because we only reference them as dependencies on 
Maven, we don't package them up or shade them.  However, since I'm gonna 
have to cut another RC, I may as well add something to the NOTICE file 

And I'll definitely add an entry in NOTICE for that category-b license.  
I'll double check the 
src/main/appended-resources/supplemental-models.xml in case there are 
any other category-b licenses that sneaked in also.

And, finally, I'll also change those javax.* dependencies to use the 
Geronimo specs modules instead;  thanks for that link to them all.


On 06/06/2011 11:56, Mark Struberg wrote:
> Hi Dan!
> Are you ready for the next iteration? ;)
> I fear I have to vote
> -1
> on the release.
> I'm only looking at the sources since this is the only official thing
an Apache Software release contains (all other binaries are just nice goodies, but not part
of the official release).
> 1.) The source zip contains a file apache-rat-0.8-SNAPSHOT.jar. This is nothing which
belongs to our source release.
> I've also deleted it from our SVN repo.
> The other parts look pretty good so far!
> * key is fine
> * sha1 is ok
> * md5 is ok
> * rat passes
> * check on a few random samples for *.properties, pom.xml, *.java all had valid ALv2
> * LICENSE file is ok
> A few parts are not 100% ok yet:
> NOTICE file is ok _IF_ we only ship ALv2 licensed dependencies or category A licenses
as noted in [1].
> IF we ship differently licensed jar dependencies in our binary distribution or samples
or 'shade' them into an own private package within isis, then we must imo also mention those
licenses in our NOTICE files.
> If we only reference those deps via maven, then not.
> Those are the following files:
> org.hamcrest:hamcrest-library:jar ->  BSD
> javax.mail ->  CDDL
> asm ->  BSD
> jmock ->  BSD style
> dom4j ->  MetaStuff license (BSD style)
> org.owasp.esapi:esapi ->  BSD
> json ->  JSON license (BSD style)
> org.htmlparser ->  CPL-1.0. This worries me a bit, since it falls under the category
B (reciprocal) As far as I interpret the cat B section, we must add this to our NOTICE file,
> xom:xom ->  LGPL ->  BLOCKER this is a catX license which we must not depend upon!
This seems to come as transitive dependency from org.owasp.esapi:esapi. Can we exclude xom:xom
without breaking functionality?
> There are also a few javax.* dependencies from the repo. Usually those packages
are CDDL, thus we should replace them with packages from geronimo-specs [2]
> You can easily check the dependencies yourself too with
> $>  mvn dependency:list
> LieGrue,
> strub
> PS: sorry that you have to do a release run once again, but if it helps: doing a proper
review is not much less work :D
> [1]
> [2]
> --- On Mon, 6/6/11, Dan Haywood<>  wrote:
>> From: Dan Haywood<>
>> Subject: Re: [VOTE] Apache Isis release candidate 0.1.2-RC3-incubating
>> To:
>> Date: Monday, June 6, 2011, 7:27 AM
>> On 05/06/2011 11:25, Mike Burton wrote:
>>> 1.  When I built the quickstart archetype, as per
>> Quickstart Guide...
>>> I needed to run mvn in a directory that doesn't have a
>> pom.xml in it, as per your earlier suggestion, does this
>> need documenting?
>>> ie when I did:
>>> mvn archetype:generate  \
>>>         -D
>> archetypeGroupId=org.apache.isis \
>>>         -D
>> archetypeArtifactId=quickstart-archetype \
>>>         -D
>> groupId=com.mycompany \
>>>         -D artifactId=myapp
>>> I got:
>>>      Failed to validate POM for project
>> com.agilejava.docbkx:docbkx-maven-plugin at Artifact
>> [com.agilejava.docbkx:docbkx-maven-plugin:pom:2.0.8]
>>> So I did  mkdir tmp; cd tmp   then
>> repeated the above, all good.
>> I've added a sentence to the site's (on both
>> where-to-start.apt and quickstart.apt).
>>> 2. When I ran the quickstart achetype
>>> Quickstart Guide says cd quickstart, but actually need
>> to cd examples/quickstart
>>> Exploring this, the Quickstart Guide says
>> is in the dom module. It is in
>> examples/quickstart/dom/src/main/java/dom/todo/
>>> which is pretty much obvious.
>> Yeah, it's pretty obvious.  But I've added a note to
>> say that is in src/main/java (on
>> quickstart.apt).
>> Thanks again for reviewing the release.
>> Dan

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