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From "Kevin Meyer - KMZ" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Isis release candidate 0.1.2-RC3-incubating
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2011 14:53:37 GMT
I fetched the src from the location mentioned[1] and verified the source 
against the provided signature.

I have met Dan, confirmed his identity and am happy that the signature 
matches Dan's apache ID.

Having extracted the downloaded source into a new directory, I then:

*) Removed all traces of Isis from my repository and have performed a 
successful "mvn -o clean install".

However, when I try a full site build (as per the sanity check site[2]): I 
get a failure: The build is looking for 
Even installing the site-skin manually doesn't work - there is a version 

Searching all the pom.xml files, I find numerous matches to
<version>0.1.2-incubating-SNAPSHOT</version> [3]

Is this expected? I would have expected these sources to only refer to 
themself (0.1.2 RC3)?

I'll wait until I get resolution before continuing.

Finally, from a code style point (if you want to be pedantic), I'm finding 
that at least some of these pom.xml don't have *nix line endings.. [c.f 
13.1.3. UNIX line file endings (for pom.xml files) of [2]]


[3] find -name pom.xml -exec grep -l "0.1.2-incubating-SNAPSHOT" '{}' \;

On 4 Jun 2011 at 7:25, Dan Haywood wrote:

> Third time lucky!
> I've staged a release candidate for Apache Isis, namely 
> 0.1.2-RC3-incubating.
> This release differs from the previous in that ISIS-97 has been 
> addressed [1].
> The signed source ZIP can be downloaded from my home directory on 
> * 
> <>

> (zip file), and
> * 

> <>

> (signature)
> The code has been tagged as tags/0.1.2-RC3-incubating.
> In addition, the Maven artifacts have been staged to staging repository 
> on
> *
> I've also uploaded a new version of the site at 
> The contributors guide on the site contains some suggestions of how to 
> verify the release, see
> Please verify the release and cast your vote.  The vote will be open for 
> 72 hours or thereabouts.
> [ ] +1
> [ ]  0
> [ ] -1
> Thanks!
> Dan

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