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From "Kevin Meyer" <>
Subject AJAX in HTML viewers,,
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2011 14:13:33 GMT

I was talking to a vendor rep this morning who is considering
re-implementing their product. Naturally, I'm suggesting they use Isis
(and focus their efforts on the business domain layer).

One question that was raised was: how does Isis HTML-based viewers handle
1) auto-completion / suggestions in fields and
2) altering remaining content based on prior content values?

For (1), this smacks of Ajax? [1]

For (2), the UI should disable certain remaining fields if, for example,
a prior field is set to "false" (checkbox cleared). I realise that this
means shunting some "isDisabled"-type checks into script in the UI, and
not relying on the metamodel(?) / framework..

I suggested that in this case, the information would have to be captured
over multiple "pages", as the business logic is exercised...?

Dan - sounds like your "process wizard" (?) as referenced in your


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