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From "Kevin Meyer - KMZ" <>
Subject Re: How do I directly create/initialise an ObjectAdapter?
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2011 19:37:58 GMT

> > I guess the real requirement is creating the ObjectAdapter (for the
> > retrieved value object) to pass on to "initAssociation".
> I'm not sure that you do need to do this if you use VSPs, but to answer 
> your question: you can use:
> IsisContext().getPersistenceSession().getAdapterManager().adapterFor(object).

Thanks - I have used this method with a good degree of success, see 

> If you look at the implementation (AdapterManagerDefault) then you'll 
> see that we look for a ValueFacet on the spec of the provided object.  
> If so, we create a "standalone" adapter to wrap the value.
> > The same would go for the other values (e.g. Image), and extend to custom
> > written value types (ValueSemanticsProvider? but I see that being handled
> > by an AbstractJdbcFieldMapping class implementation).
> I didn't write the AJFM, but as you've noted it's implementation is 
> hard-coded to only encode to strings, and it then leverages the 
> VSP#EncoderDecoder to do the heavy lifting.

Creating the applib value type first, then using the ...adapterFor(object) 
method made adding support multi-column SQL object store support 
real easy.

I was able to add support for the applib.value.Money value type quite 
easily, by extending AbstractJdbcFieldMapping to create a 
"AbstractJdbcMultiFieldMapping" type - which stores "currency" and 
"value" in separate columns.

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