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From Bernd Fondermann <>
Subject Re: r0.1 tracking in JIRA
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2010 10:16:33 GMT
Note from the peanut gallery: Please make sure that 'lead' is not
interpreted as 'having code ownership', or 'is telling/demanding how
that specific part of the project should evolve'. Leaving modules
explicitly without a shepherd could attract new people to jump in -
and growing community is one of the goals of Incubation.



On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 01:24, Dan Haywood <> wrote:
> All,
> Nour, Rob and myself had an skype call yesterday evening regarding an
> approach to manage the v0.1 release.  The plan we came up with was to use
> JIRA, with a ticket for each main component (or group of components).  I'm
> posting this here for visibility/comments.
> The proposal for the 0.1 release is to create a JIRA ticket for each of the
> following:
> Core (Lead: Dan Haywood)
> AppLib (Lead: Dan Haywood)
> Defaults (Lead: Dan Haywood)
> Alternatives: Bytecode (Lead: Dan Haywood)
> Alternatives: Embedded (Lead: Dan Haywood)
> Alternatives: ObjectStore: NoSQL (Lead: Robert Matthews)
> Alternatives: ObjectStore: SQL (Lead: Kevin Meyer)
> Alternatives: ObjectStore: XML (Lead: Robert Matthews)
> Alternatives: ProfileStore: XML (Lead: Robert Matthews)
> Alternatives: ProgModel: Groovy (Lead: Dan Haywood)
> Alternatives: ProgModel: Wrapper (Lead: Dan Haywood)
> Alternatives: Security: LDAP (Lead: Robert Matthews)
> Viewer: BDD (Lead: Dan Haywood)
> Viewer: DnD (Lead: Robert Matthews)
> Viewer: HTML (Lead: Robert Matthews)
> Viewer: JUnit (Lead: Dan Haywood)
> Viewer: Restful (Lead: Dan Haywood)
> Viewer: Scimpi (Lead: Robert Matthews)
> Viewer: Wicket (Lead: Dan Haywood)
> NB: this combines all the core components into a single ticket; all the
> default components into a single ticket, it excludes jpa objectstore,
> mongodb objectstore, and remoting.
> Each of these tickets will be used to track the status of:
> 1- Documentation (docbook PDF + site APT)
> 2- Review package names, Maven artifacts IDs, copyright notices.
> 3- For the alternatives and viewers, should have a module in the
> support/prototype project
> We also need a ticket for the archetype itself, to reverse engineer from
> support/prototype into an archetype.
> When all of these tickets are complete, then - in theory - r0.1 will be
> ready for release.
> If everyone is happy with this, then Nour has volunteered to enter these
> tickets into JIRA and to track the status through to v0.1 release.
> Cheers
> Dan

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