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From Mohammad Nour El-Din <>
Subject Re: slight change to way of doing build and site
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2010 13:31:48 GMT
Hey Dan...

   According to [1] Jimi is for Java 1.x which is too old. Why we
still using it ? and what is the effort estimate IUO to move to Java 2
Imaging API(s) ?

[1] -

On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 6:21 PM, Dan Haywood <> wrote:
> Dear all,
> As you know, our trunk/pom.xml currently has a set of profiles that us to
> perform builds of different "widths" (ie which modules), different "depths"
> (just the minimum, or full javadocs, reports etc), and different types
> (default lifecycle vs site lifecycle).  As things are, we use -P and a comma
> separated list to activate multiple profiles, eg -P all,build-all.
> However, I've been looking at the release process that we've inherited from
> the ASF parent, and it looks like this approach of using -P is incompatible.
>  So, I've used the very similar mechanism of activating profiles by
> specifying a -D property.
> Basically, to activate profile with id xxx-yyy, instead of -P xxx-yyy, you
> use -D xxx=yyy
> ~~~~
> Therefore, the new ways to build are:
> mvn clean install -o                                          #
> modules-standard profile is activated by default
> mvn clean install -D modules=standard -o    # explicitly activating the
> modules-standard profile
> mvn clean install -D build=full -o                    # modules-standard and
> also the build-full profile
> mvn clean install -D modules=all -o               # explicitly activating
> modules-all profile
> mvn clean install -D modules=all -D build=full -o   # explicitly activating
> both modules-all and build-full
> To build the site docs:
> prereqs are pretty much as before:
> a) mvn install:install-file -D -D artifactId=jimi  -D
> version=1.0 -D packaging=jar -D file=/path/to/file
> b) mvn clean install -D modules=skin -o     # explicitly activate the
> modules-skin profile
> and then:
> mvn site-deploy -D modules=standard -D deploy=local -o                    
> activate modules-standard and deploy-local profile
> mvn site-deploy -D modules=standard -D deploy=local -D site=full -o  #
> activate modules-standard,deploy-local, site-full
> ~~~~
> All the above is also documented in trunk/pom.xml, which I've just this
> minute committed (rev 1030591).
> Thx
> Dan

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