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From Robert Matthews <>
Subject Re: Regular Skype conf. calls?
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2010 15:10:13 GMT
I like the idea of talking at same time.  There is something that you 
get from oral conversations that you don't get from typing.  I find 
myself reaching for the phone when I want to get to the  heart of a 
complicate matter quickly, and writing takes too long because your 
subject relies not just on what you know but what others know as well.

Let's use both, but use them each where appropriate.

Either way seeing things can be important.  I've just been using VNC to 
create and share a virtual workspace (rather than my whole desktop) 
where everybody can grab the mouse and point at things.  VNC is 
available on all platforms, although the server  needs to support 
geometry settings to allow a virtual screen to be set up.


PS I have a Jabber account, and on that I can also set up voice and 
video calls, although I'm not sure that it works with more than two.

On 09/11/10 06:55, Kevin Meyer wrote:
> My 2c:
> I definitely don't have the bandwidth for video, but would be
> interested in attending by voice.
> Again, depends on date and time zone. At the moment I dedicate
> Mondays to full-time non-contract work (i.e. Mondays are good for me)
> and for personal reasons would prefer something between 08h00 to 16h00,
> GMT+2. If it's not a Monday, then after 18h00 GMT+2 would be preferred.
> Obviously, exceptions can be made... ;)
> What freeware apps support shared desktop/applications for such a
> group call? If anyone wants to demo something, for example.
> I may not have the bandwidth (between 20 and 40kB/s on a good day,
> 100ms to 200ms latency).
> For documentation purposes, can anyone record the audio?
> I guess, also, someone would have to take minutes! This requires
> an agenda? Urk...
> On Tue, November 9, 2010 00:52, Dan Haywood wrote:
>> There's been a few off-list conversations (between Nour, Siegfried and
>> myself, at least) about having regular virtual get togethers on Skype.
>> Now that Skype [1] has group video conferencing, I think this would be a
>> good way to help the community develop.
>> Questions:
>> 1. do we think it'd be good idea?  and if so...
>> 2. how often ought we to do this?
>> 3. what time of the day ought we to have the call?

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